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Old 06-27-2015, 07:41 AM   #21
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I m with Doobs on the poor Auris interior - have said as much several times in different threads. I was actually shocked at how cheap and nasty it is in comparison to my Corolla when I first saw it in the showroom. The interior feel and look is important to me - more so than exterior looks (I have owned two Yaris Versos in the past which proves that ). I wouldn t consider an Auris at all uness they seriously revamp interior plastics where, presently, the Golf (and E12 Corolla) is streets ahead.A real and significant backward step and a shame. Just my humble opinion of course
I agree with everything you say - I can t say I am extremely unhappy with the car, just disappointed as i expected better from Toyota - my Auris replaced my corolla and the corolla certainly had a higher quality and more durable interior - I was going to get a nearly new corolla (last year) but was concerned about long term residuals and paying a nearly new price for an out of date model
Yes, that was exactly how I felt - I expected much much better of Toyota. I ve had quite a few Toyotas over the years and this significant falling away of interior quality really did leave me shocked. Especially since the company seemed to have almost got it cracked with the E12. But the cheap Fisher-Price toy interior look isn t confined to the Auris. It has now appeared in the latest generation Yaris and is evident in the Aygo (where just maybe overall price can mitigate this cheapness). Generally, I feel that Toyota is heading in the direction of Ford and Vauxhall who s interior plastics are unspeakably bad. For me, personally, it will stop me buying Toyota altogether until it is improved - and I don t say that lightly as a Toyota fan of many many years standing

I don t doubt though that the Auris will have other,positive, attributes but for me the interior plastics remains a showstopper.

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Ive had two golfs, one being the current MK5 and had the latest SEAT LEON, both the 2.0L TDI s

First the ownership experiance, The LEON was by far the best

Both Golfs and the LEON proved trouble free apart from some minor trim issues, all fixed first time and FOC

My Auris is ok for what I need, but do find the seats are some soft and cause discomfort after a couple of hours driving, the addition of lumber support would probably fix this, the rattles are now at the point that they dont disappear after a few miles and are now at the point where I can here them over the radio Compare to the SEAT and Golf the interior is low rent... I noe know why toyota could sorce a car within a week and the other two marques would be 8 wks at best

The service intervals for UK D4D s sucks every 10K miles yet the european hand book states 25KM (18K miles)

Unless Toyota improves the interior trim and moves to longer service intervals I wont be looking at anothe Auris in 14months time..
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Old 01-09-2016, 07:25 PM   #23
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I m really glad you guys have been discussing this as I was going to buy an Auris without looking at other makes

I ve now decided to consider VW, SEAT and Honda hatchback s - I may still be with Toyota but posture is a major concern - hence why I ve already ruled out the likes of Vauxhall and Ford

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Old 01-16-2016, 11:16 PM   #24
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... if you come on a Toyota club you ll get people who recommend a Toyota just because they ve got 1.
I d have thought so too but it s quite concerning that this is not the case!

I bought my Auris with intention of hanging onto it for many years so can save to get on property ladder but 6months down the line and I m not so sure this will happen. I ve just ordered a seat back support cushion to help with the back ache I get after longer journeys. I find the lower back and side support is insufficient from the drivers seat but I might just be too slim for the seat? Mind you I am only 26 and have never had a problem with back ache before from driving?
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Hi, Personally I wouldn t touch anything from "VAG" Skoda Seat et all. I have first hand experience of the German build quality. The "apparent" build quality is excellent, the reality is anything but. This was on two new cars, a 1995 A4 and an 2002 A2 TDI. If anyone is intersted I will list the problems, be warned it,s fascinating reading. Had T-Sport 6 years now, one leaky front shocker only problem, the lift is addictive, and it s more economical than you would believe if your careful, trip is currently showing 43 mpg (always reset it when filling up) the true figure nearer 41-42. Tried a new 1.4 D Auris, very impressed, very refined, not in the T-Sport league for top end pace but very nice drive. Dealer offered ?4000 for mine, don t know if that was good or bad, they just wanted me to try the Auris when mine was in for service.
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Well, hard choices, just need to decide what is more necessary for you ...
Auris - an interesting class simpotichny dinomichny
Golf - quick and comfortable
In Russia, all I choose golf ..... but sorry ...
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